How to Book Your Desired Consult Date & Time

Click on the desired Date and Time of your Choice. We set an hour for initial consultations, but you may request additional time if you like. Fill out the form and then press the submit button. A form will be sent to us for confirmation, and you will be sent an email confirming your appointment.

Our Calendar extends out six months …. if you need to book further into the future, please email me at, or call Andrea at 912-388-0565.

Our normal office hours are 11am – 8pm EST, but because we work nationwide, and are also willing to work with our clients, we are willing to sometimes work around those hours. If you need to schedule outside those hours, we will try to accommodate you.

We schedule our consultations in blocks of an hour, but if you need longer than that, you are certainly free to schedule more than an hour.

Remember, we are located in Savannah, Georgia. We can conduct initial consults in person as far away as 45 miles from Savannah, but all other consults should be conducted over the phone, or video chat.

Please be sure that ALL parties for the honeymoon (bride and groom) and ALL parties for the destination wedding (bride and groom, and if parents paying, parents as well) are available for the consult. We conduct consults in person, over the phone, and via video chat. Please allow at least an hour for this initial consult.